View No. 37 (2007): Places of Modernism

The Docomomo Journal continues to unravel the many implications related to the real differences between societies and cultures, explicitly expressed in architectural practices. Searching for the continuity with themes and issues that have precedents in Docomomo history herein moves us to consider the notion of "otherness" as but a tool to understand twentieth century heritage around the world. Accordingly, the construction of "intertwined histories" represents the major new challenge of Docomomo lnternational's coming years.
Our goal, calling for new geographies and new morphologies, remains the mapping of "otherness." Introducing other modern trajectories to the mainstream of twentieth century architectural histories, the articles included in this issue of the Docomomo Journal are relevant contributions to this undertaking. We wish to thank all our members-young scholars, historians and architects-, who pertinently support this project with their valuable input.

Published: 2022-11-10