Towards a Housing Preservation Culture


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After the two 2022-issues of the Docomomo Journal, number 66 on ‘Modern Plastic Heritage’ and number 67 on ‘Multiple Modernisms in Ukraine,’ this issue reveals another chapter of an often and diversely described theme of Modern Movement and a pressing subject worldwide: Housing.

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Pottgiesser, U., & Quist, W. (2023). Towards a Housing Preservation Culture. Docomomo Journal, (68), 2–3.




Author Biographies

Uta Pottgiesser, Delft University of Technology

Is Professor of Heritage & Technology at TU Delft and Professor of Building Construction and Materials at OWL, University of Applied Sciences (TH OWL). She studied Architecture at TU Berlin and holds a doctorate from TU Dresden and is chair of DOCOMOMO International, also board member of DOCOMOMO Germany. Her concern is with the protection, reuse and improvement of the built heritage and environment.

Wido Quist, Delft University of Technology

Is Associate Professor in Heritage & Technology and leading the section Heritage & Architecture at TU Delft (The Netherlands). He is Secretary General of Docomomo International, Chair of Docomomo Netherlands. Since 2022 he is – together with Uta Pottgiesser - editor in chief of the Docomomo Journal. His research and teaching centres around the preservation and adaptive re-use of the built legacy of the 20th century, connecting the specialist disciplines. Intertwining Values, Design and Technology, he is an expert on the crossing between historical knowledge of modern building materials and strategies for conservation and re-use.


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