Maison Curutchet, La Plata, Argentina


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  • Julio Santana




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Maison Curutchet is the only house by Le Corbusier in America. The project was developed between 1948 to 1949 and built between 1949 to 1955 as a single-family dwelling and as a professional medical office to the well-known Dr. Pedro Domingo Curutchet in La Plata, Buenos Aires. In 2013–2014, Colegio de Arquitectos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (CAPBA) which head office is settled there, decided to carry out a full maintenance, done with the strict criteria of minimizing the impact on the house and using as reference the original documentation. The process was coordinated by CAPBA's Enhancement Research Institute, led by the architect Pablo Mastropasqua, and directed by the architect Julio Santana.

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Bozzano, J. N., & Santana, J. (2015). Maison Curutchet, La Plata, Argentina. Docomomo Journal, (53), 32–39.




Author Biographies

Jorge Néstor Bozzano, University of Buenos Aires

Architect from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism , University of Buenos Aires, 1975. Postgraduate in Scuola de Perfezionamento in Restauro dei Monumenti from the Scuola Donna Regina, University of Nápoles. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and Universidad Católica de La Plata. Academic director of the Centro Internacional para la Conservacion del Patrimonio (CICOP, Buenos Aires, Argentina), where he is involved in the master’s program in Heritage Conservation.

Julio Santana

(b. La Plata, Argentina, 1962). Architect, graduated from the National University of La Plata (1989). He held various positions in the civil service at national, provincial and municipal levels, and was Professor at the College of Architects of the Province of Buenos Aires. Since 2011, Julio Santana is the Director of Maison Curutchet and is part of the Committee that supports the candidacy of the House to the World Heritage List of UNESCO.


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