Greening Modernism


  • Carl Stein




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Modern Movement is predicated on attitudes that lead directly to the efficient use of resources for building construction and operation, attitudes that are fundamental to sustainability. Also intrinsic to Modern architecture is a systematic methodology that provides the armature for a design process that focuses on a sustainable future. Understanding these issues provides valuable guidelines and tools for contemporary planning and architecture. Additionally, a wider recognition of this aspect of Modernism will reduce general hostility toward Modernism, thereby facilitating the preservation and conservation of Modern architecture built examples.

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Stein, C. (2011). Greening Modernism. Docomomo Journal, (44), 8–15.




Author Biography

Carl Stein

Is a principal of Elemental Architecture (formerly The Stein Partnership) in New York City. Having more than forty years experience in sustainable building design and research, he divides his time between architectural practice, writing and teaching, and is the author of Greening Modernism, recently published by W. W. Norton.


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