Molotov Sotsgorod


  • Oscar Buson




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The sky is low above Motovilikha. Making our way along a muddy street, in the timid light of this part of the Urals we see emerging before us a silhouette of carbonated concrete, an iron structure rusting in the cold, whose plaster panels between pilasters suggest a construction site of dubious standards. It is difficult to believe that eighty years before this old workers’ club designed by constructivist architect P. Golosov (Gladyshev, 2008) provided the early Soviet society with up to three hundred thousand meals a day (Semyannikov, 2002). An emblem of the new socialist urbanisation, not only was the workers’ canteen meant to rescue the woman from her kitchen slavery, it was also supposed to be a place capable of generating the new social structure by becoming a venue for festivals and shows in the evenings.

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