Transcontinental Modernism. M&G as an Unité d’habitation and a factory complex in Mozambique


  • Ana Tostões
  • Maria Manuel Oliveira




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


With the aim of contributing to the documentation and conservation of the modern architectural heritage, this paper presents Monteiro & Giro Complex (M&G), built during the 50’s in Quelimane, Mozambique, with the goal of stressing the modernity of the social program and the technological approach. If one wants to gain a better understanding of the worldwide Diaspora of architectural modernism, it is essential to document and analyse the important heritage of sub–Saharan Africa. Modern architectural debates have been reproduced, transformed, contested and sometimes even improved in distant lands and overseas territories. These contradictory aspects of Modernist practice are revealed in the programmatic, technological and structural M&G industrial Complex.

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Tostões, A., & Oliveira, M. M. (2010). Transcontinental Modernism. M&G as an Unité d’habitation and a factory complex in Mozambique. Docomomo Journal, (43), 70–73.





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