Foreign Architecture in Brasilia


  • Sylvia Ficher
  • Paulo Roberto Alves dos Santos Centro Universitário de Brasília, UniCEUB




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Surprisingly, Brasilia has a major assortment of foreign architecture, due to the diplomatic complexes it houses in the so-called South and North Embassy Sectors. From an urban point of view, such sectors were envisioned as a great international fair of buildings by renowned professionals. These buildings display a variety of solutions, in which it is always possible to distinguish typical features of the country of origin. In many of them the intention to reflect the modernity of Brasilia prevails; in others, the main objective was to enhance the country’s traditional architecture; and finally there are those in which both alternatives have been harmonized.

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Ficher, S., & Santos, P. R. A. dos. (2010). Foreign Architecture in Brasilia. Docomomo Journal, (43), 48–51.







Author Biographies

Sylvia Ficher

Architect (Universidade de São Paulo, 1972), Master in Historical Preservation (Columbia University, 1978), Ph.D. in History (Universidade de São Paulo, 1989), and Post-Doctorate in Sociology (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 1990-92).

Paulo Roberto Alves dos Santos, Centro Universitário de Brasília, UniCEUB

Architect and urbanist (Universidade de Brasília), Master in History of Architecture (Universidade de Brasília, 2008), currently teaches at the Department of Architecture, Centro Universitário de Brasília, UniCEUB.


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