Listing and Protecting the MoMo. Brazil/Brasilia


  • Andrey Rosenthal Schlee Brasilia University’s Architecture & Urbanism Faculty (FAU-UnB)
  • Sylvia Ficher




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Also in the field of preservation, Brazil has made an unparalleled contribution to the MoMo. After all, when in 1988 docomomo was founded, the country already had a number of modernist works legally protected. And Brasilia had joined the select World Heritage of UNESCO, the first modernist urban complex to be conferred that honor. The precedent was established, and since then other MoMo works - all prior to Brasilia - received the distinction: the Bauhaus in 1996, the Schröder House and the University of Caracas in 2000, the Tugendhat House in 2001, the White City of Tel Aviv in 2003.

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Schlee, A. R., & Ficher, S. (2010). Listing and Protecting the MoMo. Brazil/Brasilia. Docomomo Journal, (43), 6–7.






Author Biographies

Andrey Rosenthal Schlee, Brasilia University’s Architecture & Urbanism Faculty (FAU-UnB)

Architect, adjunct professor at Brasilia University’s Architecture & Urbanism Faculty (FAU-UnB) and Researcher for the Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq).

Sylvia Ficher

Architect (Universidade de São Paulo, 1972), Master in Historical Preservation (Columbia University, 1978), Ph.D. in History (Universidade de São Paulo, 1989), and Post-Doctorate in Sociology (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 1990-92).