Symbolic departure of the files leaving the WDJArchitecten office in the Van Nelle Design Factory, on their way to the City Archive. © WDJArchitecten, 2023.
Archival Challenges for the Van Nelle Factory

Documenting twenty Years of a World Heritage Property’s Redevelopment





Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam City Archive, documentation, archival challenges, redevelopment


Marking the anniversary of the redevelopment of the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, the related project archive was formally transferred to the Rotterdam City Archive in order to enable proper archival conservation and public accessibility of this essential documentation. This article sheds light on the documentation and redevelopment process of a modern World Heritage (WH) site and on the role of archives as an example for other protected heritage projects or sites.

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van Hevele, E., & de Jonge, W. (2024). Archival Challenges for the Van Nelle Factory: Documenting twenty Years of a World Heritage Property’s Redevelopment. Docomomo Journal, (70), 96–101.




Author Biographies

Edward van Hevele, KU Leuven

graduated in architecture from KU Leuven, Belgium, in 2022. He is currently completing his ‘Master of Conservation of Monuments and Sites’ at KUL. As part of his traineeship at WDJArchitecten in the fall of 2023, he has been in charge of processing the Van Nelle redevelopment

Wessel de Jonge, Delft University of Technology

is a professor at TU Delft and an architect practicing in heritage preservation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His office WDJArchitecten has been in charge of the conservation and the coordination of the adaptive reuse projects for the Van Nelle Design Factory from 1998-2018.