Art, Architecture and Public Space in New York, 1950–1970





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


In the decades after World War II there was much discussion about the need for collaboration between the architect and artist either as embodied in one or as distinctly different creative talents working closely but creatively independently together. Many saw little actual collaboration and questioned the relationship artistically or saw art as a cover for otherwise bland architecture. However, architects like Wallace K. Harrison, Gordon Bunshaft, and others worked regularly with artists like Josef Albers, Isamu Noguchi, Gyorgy Kepes or Richard Lippold. While many of those art installations remain today, they are under constant pressure because of real estate changes, renovations or simply neglect.

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Prudon, T. (2010). Art, Architecture and Public Space in New York, 1950–1970. Docomomo Journal, (42), 78–89.




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Theodore Prudon, Columbia University

PhD, FAIA, is the president of Docomomo US. He has been on the faculty of the Graduate Program for Historic Preservation at Columbia University for three decades and is a practicing architect in New York City. He recently authored the book Preservation of Modern Architecture (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2008).


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