Rescue, Relocation, and Restoration Challenges


  • Milford Wayne Donaldson




San Diego, Stan Grau Collection, Space Age, Donaldson Futuro


Space Age aesthetic was manifest in the 1960s and embodied in plastic, prefabricated houses. After several decades, the acquisition and restoration of Futuro houses can be a challenging process. The freedoms in the implied promise of the Futuro houses are tested against realities of logistical and building codes for which non-standard solutions are required.

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Donaldson, M. W. (2022). THE DONALDSON FUTURO: Rescue, Relocation, and Restoration Challenges. Docomomo Journal, (66), 50–59.




Author Biography

Milford Wayne Donaldson

Milford Wayne Donaldson is the president of award-winning Architect Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA, Inc. since 1978 specializing in historic preservation. Mr. Donaldson authored a course Plastics in Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California from 1970-1972 and built the prototype of the Poly-Pod System with Elbert Speidel in 1972. He co-authored The Final Mission Preserving NASA’s Apollo Sites discussing the importance of plastics in the space program. Mr. Donaldson served as the California State Historic Preservation Officer and as the Chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation appointed by President Barack Obama.


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