Lars Ågren, Kollektivhuset Stacken, Göteborg, Sweden, 1969-1980. The first small collective house of the multi-family dwelling “Swedish model”. © Claes Caldenby.

the Swedish model





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing, Post-war housing, Welfare architecture, Mass housing, Collective housing, Swedish modern architecture, Kollektivhus, Co-housing, Hässelby Family Hotel, Carl-Axel Acking, Kollektivhuset Trädet, hsb architects, Kollektivhuset Stacken, Lars Ågren


Today there is a new wave of co-housing internationally. Co-housing is here understood as collaborative housing, based on collaboration between residents on cooking and house maintenance, a new phenomenon since the 1980s. Sweden has a tradition since early modernism of kollektivhus, collective houses, in multi-family dwellings with employed staff managing household work. In Sweden today there are only some 40 true kollektivhus or co-housing projects, while ordinary Swedish postwar multi-family dwellings have common facilities that potentially would make them co-housing. Co-housing is often seen as a sustainable house form, but a problem is that they mainly reach middle-class residents.

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Caldenby, C. (2021). Kollektivhus: the Swedish model. Docomomo Journal, (65), 92–97.




Author Biography

Claes Caldenby, Chalmers University of Technology

(Uppsala, Sweden, 1946). Architect, PhD in theory and history of architecture. Professor emeritus at Chalmers School of Architecture in Gothenburg and co-editor of Arkitektur, the Swedish review of architecture, since 1977.


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