Living in the Urban Modernity

docomomo Conference Mexico 2010


  • Louise Noelle



The 11th docomomo International Conference took place in Mexico City from the 19th to the 27th August 2010, under the title “Living in the Urban Modernity”, allowing participants to analyze the issues that transformed the city and its architecture during the first part of the 20th Century. Urban area growth brought up an environment that favored the presence of Modern Architecture, in which new materials and developing techniques took new forms. Likewise, and in relation to working and leisure spaces, social changes had a visible transformation influence over education, health, hygiene and housing. In order to explore and to analyze the different elements that transformed the city and its architecture, a workshop was organized and the Conference was divided into five subjects developed in fifteen sessions and five round tables. Three Master Conferences by Barry Bergdoll, Víctor Pérez Escolano and Ricardo Legorreta, which dealt with interesting contributions on modernity, also took place.

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