The docomomo Virtual Exhibition




Docomomo International has launched the docomomo Virtual Exhibition (MoMove) on the 23rd November 2015 in Tecnico-University of Lisbon. The original concept was developed by Ana Tostões and Yoshiyuki Yamana in September 2013 as an online exhibition to disseminate and to foster build- ings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement throughout the (online) world, under the scope of docomomo. The website is a great achievement in the pursuit of the docomomo mission that could not be set up without the generous support of the Lisbon Municipality and Tecnico-University of Lisbon. MoMove was launched with the work of the research of 482 contributors1, from 36 Working Parties through the upload of information on 3247 buildings and sites.

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Tostões, A., Ferreira, Z., & Alves, J. G. (2022). MoMove: The docomomo Virtual Exhibition. Docomomo Journal, (54), 86–88. Retrieved from