Mies & the Inheritance of Modernism

Exhibition at SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis


  • Andrea Croé Schunck



At the occasion of the "àth anniversary of the birth of Mies van der Rohe, on 27 March 2016, the exhibition Mies & The Inheritance of Modernism was opened on 10 April 2016, in SCHUNCK*, Heerlen, The Netherlands. The project was focused entirely on the re-evaluation of the modernist architectural heritage. The central question which led the whole project was: how much do we value the inheritance of modernism and how should we deal with it? The exhibition was contextualized by an international program in which symposia, lectures, film screenings, excursions and guided tours provided a deeper knowledge. During a four-month period, SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis radiated modernism and created, to some extent, a new supra-regional and international focus and mindfulness (Achtsamkeit) both for visitors, residents and politicians. The surprising awareness of visitors about the importance of their own region, but also the understanding of the cultural-historical value of modernist buildings as well as the great respect and honest recognition of the very accurately restored masterpieces, testify to this rising awareness. The project was developed with a dual structure: an international and a regional perspective on modernist inheritance.

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