Eileen Gray and the influence of Cubism






Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Eileen Gray’s design approach, resulting in the production of her two houses E.1027 and Tempe à Pailla as complete works, could have been influenced by the revolutionary effects of Cubism, in particular Marcel Duchamp’s version “Elementary Parallelism” and some of his later art practices. There are parallels between Gray’s use of purpose-made and standard fittings and Duchamp’s adaptations of mechanisms and his “readymades”. This is discussed in the multiple design fields in which Eileen Gray worked. There is a similarity in her approach to transformable fixed and loose furniture and architecture in the means by which she transforms space.

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Diamond, R. (2019). Eileen Gray and the influence of Cubism. Docomomo Journal, (60), 77–83. https://doi.org/10.52200/60.A.7Y6V0CZB




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Rosamund Diamond, University of Nottingham

(b. UK) Studied architecture at the Bartlett School University College London (UCL). Currently Associate Professor University of Nottingham. Founder director of Diamond Architects. Also taught at UCL and the Architectural Association. Hackney Design Review panel member 2008–2013. London correspondent of werk, bauen + wohnen, Zurich. Author of various architectural essays and has edited several architectural books.


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