The New Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia: participation as a method of heritage renewal





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Neolog [New] Synagogue in Žilina is an exceptional work, and not only through its having been designed in 1928 by the renowned architect Peter Behrens. The present contribution discusses this work by Peter Behrens – an important landmark constructed well outside the major urban centers for 20th century architecture in a provincial Slovak town. Its most recent restoration, completed in May 2017, lasted a full five years. During this time, many discussions took place among heritage experts, theorists and architects, which eventually formulated the architectonic idea of the reconstruction into its final form. In addition, the realization was greatly assisted not only by the team of architects but many volunteers. The project for the New Synagogue won many awards and is viewed positively as a source of inspiration, perhaps even more so since it overcame several problematic moments regarding its financing, but also in the search for the best restoration methods and met them successfully

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Haberlandová, K. (2018). The New Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia: participation as a method of heritage renewal. Docomomo Journal, (59), 79–83.





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Katarína Haberlandová, Slovak Academy of Sciences

(b. Bratislava, 1973). A graduate of the Department of Art History and Theory at the Faculty of Arts in Olomouc. She is now a researcher at the Department of Architecture in the History Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. She is the co-author of a wide range of publications in the field of 20th century architectural history in Slovakia, as well as heritage protection for modernist and industrial structures: Bratislava- Atlas of Housing Estates (Slovart, 2012), Modern and/or Totalitarian in the Architecture of the 20th Century in Slovakia (Slovart, 2013), Moderná Bratislava (PT Marenčin, 2014), Industrial Heritage in the Eyes of Professionals/Participants: Theory and Methodology for Protection of Industrial Heritage in the Context of Bratislava (STU, 2016). At present, she is involved in projects investigating the development of urban planning in Bratislava over the course of the 20th century.