Post-War Modern Architecture in Tunisia





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


At the end of the spring of 1943, the German forces were finally defeated in Northern Tunisia and had to leave the country. This allowed the French protectorate to take power and in the years that followed, thanks to massive American economic aid, undertake a very important project of architectural construction and reconstruction. All of Tunisia was involved but the four main cities (Tunis, Bizerte, Sousse and Sfax), whose populations were expanding, saw entire parts of themselves reconstructed. Today, a unique experience of modernity still remains in the tissue of all these cities, but with big issues of conservation.

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Pegorin, E., & Eula, L. (2018). Post-War Modern Architecture in Tunisia. Docomomo Journal, (58), 74–77.





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Elisa Pegorin, University of Lisbon

(b. Cittadella, Italy, 1981). Architect, graduated at IUAV, Venice (2006). She worked for some architectural offices in Italy and Portugal (2006-2010) and as freelancer writer for Italian architecture reviews. Since 2010, she is doing her PhD research at the Porto Faculty of Architecture (FAUP), on modern architecture in Italy and Portugal. She is currently researcher at Técnico – University of Lisbon (IST).

Luca Eula

(b. Mondoví, Italy, 1981). Architect, graduated in Philosophy, in Aestetic’s area, at the University of Turin. He is currently enrolled in a Masters in Architecture at the Faculty Architecture of Polytechnic of Turin (IT).


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