Louis Kahn in Tel-Aviv


  • Jeremie Hoffmann Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department
  • Hadas Nevo-Goldberst Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


This paper surveys the historical urban infrastructure and architecture of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Tel-Aviv University, designed by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Louis I. Kahn. The paper describes the monumental architecture of the building, which hints subtly to the qualities and complexity of the internal spaces. The structure is the only building ever erected in Israel by Kahn, and became an architectural icon, presenting the best in the Brutalist architectural style to be found in Tel-Aviv-Yafo, alongside other outstanding structures from the same period.

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Hoffmann, J., & Nevo-Goldberst, H. (2018). Louis Kahn in Tel-Aviv . Docomomo Journal, (58), 71–73. https://doi.org/10.52200/58.A.26UFXJ56





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Author Biographies

Jeremie Hoffmann, Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department

(b. France, 1967). Architect and PhD in History. Since 2005, director of Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department, and from 2015, of the White City Center’s “Urban Conservation Lab”. Guest lecturer at the Technion and The Bartlett, London. Author of Aphoria – Architecture of Independence, the Brutalist Style in Tel-Aviv-Yafo, 1948-1976 (Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, 2014).

Hadas Nevo-Goldberst, Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department

(b. Israel, 1972). B. Arch. Since 2009, Tel-Aviv-Yafo municipality’s Conservation Department. Since 2013, has been researching Brutalist architecture in Tel-Aviv- Yafo. Author of Aphoria – Architecture of Independence, the Brutalist Style in Tel-Aviv-Yafo, 1948-1976 (Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, 2014).


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