Modern Architecture in Vietnam or Vietnamese Modern Architecture?





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Architecture is one of the keys to the values of a society, a reflection of a people’s aspiration, and a society’s ideas and technological experiments over periods in its history. This paper will address “modern architecture in Vietnam” focusing on the general course of its development: its practice, discourse and the built environment throughout history. The guiding questions for the main content of this paper are very fundamental: How can we define modern architecture in Vietnam? How was it formed and developed through the modern history of the country? Can we call modern architecture in Vietnam “Vietnamese modern architecture”?

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Loan, P. T., & Lan, T. N. (2017). Modern Architecture in Vietnam or Vietnamese Modern Architecture?. Docomomo Journal, (57), 74–81.




Author Biographies

Pham Thuy Loan, National University of Civil Engineering

(b. 1974, Vietnam). Associate Professor, PhD, architect, Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Institute of Architecture (VIAr), in charge of research, training and international collaboration. Master and PhD studies in Urban Design (The University of Tokyo, Japan, 1997-2002). Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Architecture and Planning, National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) (2004-2014).

Truong Ngoc Lan, National University of Civil Engineering

(b. 1974, Vietnam). Architect, lecturer and researcher, Master of Architecture (National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE), Vietnam). Senior researcher at Vietnam Institute of Architecture (VIAr) (1997-2006). Lecturer of Architectural History and Theory at the NUCE (since 2006). Co- founder and architect of International Architecture JSC (known as 1+1>2 firm) with Hoang Thuc Hao.


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