Modern Movement in Myanmar





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


This paper highlights the course of the development of modern architecture in Myanmar, a country with an original and vital architectural tradition. There are case studies of well-known foreign and Myanmar architects who dealt with the relationship of spatial, cultural and environmental factors of modern architecture. Some architectural masterpieces created during the second half of the 20th century between 1950 and 1970 in Yangon are presented in this article in order to highlight the inspiration, imagination and limitation of these pioneer architects. The main reason for selecting these case studies are not only because of the influences from the outside world occurred in the post-independence period, but they can reveal the intertwined logic of the nation’s identity-building. They reveal the new consciousness of globalization as well as the development of regionalism.

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Su, S., Aye, S. S., & alt, W. S. et. (2017). Modern Movement in Myanmar. Docomomo Journal, (57), 38–45.




Author Biographies

Su Su, Mandalay Technological University

Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture, Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar. Secretary and key person in establishing Myanmar ICOMOS National Committee, being the leading national expert responsible for the nomination of many Myanmar projects as World Heritage.

Swe Swe Aye, Mandalay Technological University

Retired pro-rector of the Yangon Technological University. Senior visiting Professor of the Department of Architecture, Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar. Patron of the Association of Myanmar Architects (AMA). Chairperson of the Green Building Committee and member of the Committee for Quality Control of High-Rise Building Construction Projects, Yangon.

Win Shwin et alt, Mandalay Technological University

Lecturer at the Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar. He has taught in the Cultural Landscapes & Urban Resilience course and Architecture Foundation Studies. He is the founding principal of mandala + consortium, with emphasis on public space design and cultural heritage works in Myanmar.


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