Restoration of the Cercle de L’Ermitage in Epesses, Switzerland


  • Jean-Christophe Dunant




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


In 1935, Alberto Sartoris transformed an old mill into a private club for artists: le Cercle de l’Ermitage. The young architect conceptualized the space as a manifesto of rationalistic architecture. The resolutely modernist choice of the intervention contrasted with the rural and bucolic existing building. In 1971, the work disappeared under fake rustic decoration and everybody considered it lost, only remaining one of the most famous axonometries of the Italian master. Forty-five years later, the work reappears miraculously while the space is under transformation into a private residence. The demolition work has revealed an unexpected amount of original elements, which will allow a faithful and rigorous restoration of the Cercle de l’Ermitage.

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Dunant, J.-C. (2016). Restoration of the Cercle de L’Ermitage in Epesses, Switzerland. Docomomo Journal, (54), 78–81.





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Author Biography

Jean-Christophe Dunant

(b. 1965, Switzerland). Diplôme d'architecte from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1991. Founded the Dunant & Locher architects office in 2001. Founded J.–C. Dunant architect office in 2009.


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