The Question of Auckland’s Civic Building


  • Julia Gatley University of Auckland




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


This article examines recent and current controversy over the Civic Administration Building (1954- 1966) in Auckland, New Zealand. Unoccupied since the end of 2014, the building’s future is uncertain. Its heritage value is widely recognized by heritage professionals and commentators. Yet Auckland Council, the building’s owner and former occupier, does not recognize its significance and has not scheduled it as a heritage building on its district plan. To the contrary, it has floated the possibility of demolishing it. This article considers the building’s history, significance and possible futures.

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Gatley, J. (2015). The Question of Auckland’s Civic Building. Docomomo Journal, (52), 83–85.





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Julia Gatley, University of Auckland

Senior lecturer in architecture at the University of Auckland, chair of docomomo New Zealand. Co-author of Vertical Living: The Architectural Centre and the Remaking of Wellington (AUP, 2014; with Paul Walker); author of Athfield Architects (AUP, 2012); and editor of Group Architects: Towards a New Zealand Architecture (AUP, 2010) and Long Live the Modern: New Zealand’s New Architecture, 1904–1984 (AUP, 2008).