Luis Barragán’s House in Pedregal. A Successful Restoration





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Luis Barragán (1902–1988) produced few works in his prime, among which, other than his own house, in the Jardines de Pedregal only the Casa Prieto López (1950) has been preserved intact. It was successfully restored when Cesar Cervantes purchased it in early 2014 and hired architects Jorge Covarrubias and Benjamín González Henze. After extensive research, the architects, respecting the context and simplicity of design, eliminated additions and carefully conserved architectural details and furnishings; the color of the walls was restored based on stratigraphic findings that revealed surprising tones very different from the traditional Mexican palette.

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Noelle, L. (2015). Luis Barragán’s House in Pedregal. A Successful Restoration. Docomomo Journal, (52), 28–33.




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Louise Noelle, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mexican Architecture Historian, researcher and professor at the National University of Mexico; author of many publications on architecture, urbanism, and heritage, and contributor to numerous journals. Member of the Mexican Arts Academy, CICA, docomomo International, and ICOMOS; Honorary Academician of the Society of Mexican Architects and of the Argentinean Academy of Beaux Arts.