Paradigms of Social Housing in Buenos Aires. Lessons from Juan XXIII





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The housing deficit in Buenos Aires exceeds 143,000 dwellings. Fortunately, the city has ninety years of social housing experience to draw research from. Does this problem require new ideas or can it be studied from the existing examples? The essay proposes a quick overview of ten housing projects that were built in the 20th century and that represent different models of collective housing. One of them, Juan xxiii Complex — absent in the historical revisions — stands out for its design, size and integrated vision of the community. Architects and students committed to the city and its housing deficit should study this unpublished project.

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Armada, S. (2014). Paradigms of Social Housing in Buenos Aires. Lessons from Juan XXIII. Docomomo Journal, (51), 48–53.




Author Biography

Soledad Armada, University of Palermo

(Buenos Aires, 1979). Architect (2004), Universidad de Buenos Aires. Master’s degree in Housing: Master Laboratorio de la Vivienda del siglo XXI (2007), Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Professor at Palermo University (since 2008): Vivienda Mínima Contemporánea; Urbanismo 1; Posgrado Vivienda Hábitat y Ciudad. Soledad Armada is undertaking the research project Acciones dentro de la ciudad. Del problema habitacional al programa residencial (2011) and is founder and co-director of Armada Otero architecture office (since 2008).