How to Deal with Halen Estate


  • Bernhard Furrer Academy for Architecture in Mendrisio




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Siedlung Halen (Halen Estate), built in the late 1950s near Berne, Switzerland, is still visited by many architects and students from all over the world. The houses of the Estate, once sold for a moderate price, are in high demand nowadays, which leads to a higher expectation for available space and comfort. After 50 years of existence, the normal problems of long-time maintenance are not easy to resolve. Although hampered by problems of concordance among the owners, the exemplary process of planning raises hope for an equally exemplary execution.

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Furrer, B. (2014). How to Deal with Halen Estate. Docomomo Journal, (51), 28–33.




Author Biography

Bernhard Furrer, Academy for Architecture in Mendrisio

(b. 1943, Berne, Switzerland). PhD in Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Preservation officer for Berne and its World Heritage Site. President of the Swiss Federal Commission for Monument Preservation. Professor for restoration at the Academy for Architecture in Mendrisio. Vice-president of the Council for Monuments Berlin. Expert for ICOMOS. Bernhard Furrer has his own office in Berne.