PREVI: The Metabolist’s first and only built Project


  • Eui-Sung Yi Morphosis




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Cities in the sky, superhighways over the seas, floating layers of techno-villages. These utopic proposals for Japan were generated by a passionate and extraordinary group of young Japanese architects fueled by the futuristic vision to rebuild their nation. Parallel to their idealism, was the path of Peter Land, an Englishman by way of Yale and South America, tasked to plan housing for the poor. Incredibly, their idealism would cross and the Metabolists’ first and only project would be for a United Nations social housing development in a place very far from Japan: Peru. Eui-Sung Yi sat down with the group’s last living member, Fumihiko Maki, and the organizer of the project, Peter Land, to discuss this project and its place in modern urban design (read the interviews in pg. 65 and 68, respectively).

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Author Biography

Eui-Sung Yi, Morphosis

(b. 1968, Seoul, South Korea). BSc in Architecture, Cornell University; MSc in Architecture (1996), Harvard University. Principal of Morphosis Architects and Director of the NOW Institute, a center for urban research and speculations at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He has been involved with academia and scholarship for over fifteen years in Asia and in the USA, where he worked extensively. He was adjunct associate professor and Director of the Master of Architecture programs (2007-2010) at the USC School of Architecture, in Los Angeles, and Vice President of Design in Chang-jo Architects, in Korea, where most recently, completed his competition-winning Korean Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, and the Korean Consulate, in Guangzhou, China. He is a member of docomomo International Executive Committee, acting as the representative of the chapter hosting the 13th International docomomo Conference, docomomo Korea.


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