São Paulo: Urban Planning Efforts and Metropolitan Growth


  • Renato Anelli Universidade de São Paulo





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


São Paulo started the 20th century as a 240 thousand inhabitant town and concluded it as a 10 million inhabitant center of a metropolitan zone of 17,8 million inhabitants. The congestion and disorder disguise the planning efforts conceived since the first decade, but only partially implemented. This article highlights some of the most important urban planning proposals as the Avenue Plan (1930), the Robert Moses’s Plano de Melhoramentos (1950), the Basic Urbanization Plan (PUB, 1969) and the last Review of the Master Plan (2013-14) to São Paulo, and the challenges resulted of the pace of demographic and urban growth in that century.

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Anelli, R. (2014). São Paulo: Urban Planning Efforts and Metropolitan Growth. Docomomo Journal, (50), 36–43. https://doi.org/10.52200/50.A.3EH7PMUY






Author Biography

Renato Anelli, Universidade de São Paulo

(b. Campinas, Brazil, 1959). MSc in History (1990), State University of Campinas; PhD in Architecture (1995), University of São Paulo, Brazil. Architect and urban planner (1982). Full professor of the Instituto de Arquitetura e Urbanismo of the University of São Paulo at São Carlos. His researches are about modern and contemporary architecture in Brazil, with special attention to its relation with Europe and United States architecture.


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