Herman Hertzberger: an Interview on Education


  • Gonçalo Canto Moniz University of Coimbra





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Herman Hertzberger is one of the main actors of the debate that relates Architecture with Education. He is not only the architect of many school buildings, but he is also the author of the book Space and Learning where he reflects about education and more specifically about how architecture contributes to the education issue and vice–versa.

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Moniz, G. C. (2013). Herman Hertzberger: an Interview on Education. Docomomo Journal, (49), 70–72. https://doi.org/10.52200/49.A.GS13CUKQ



Author Biography

Gonçalo Canto Moniz, University of Coimbra

Graduated in Architecture at the Department of Architecture of Faculty of Sciences and Technology of University of Coimbra where he is a senior lecturer and editor of e|d|arq. PhD in Architecture at the University of Coimbra in 2011, with the thesis “Modern Architectural Education”. Researcher and member of the Executive Board of the Centre for Social Studies. He has been researching and publishing about modern architecture in Portugal, namely about high school buildings and architectural education.