Ludwig Hilberseimer at the Illinois Institute of Technology: Architectural Education, Organic Democracy and Colonization





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Ludwig Hilberseimer’s role at defining trends in architectural education in the United States is a relevant one, and deserves special attention due to its rigorous method. This article aims to cast light at his teaching experience at IIT, where he promoted an integration of urban theory and political ideals. Understood as an act of cultural colonization, architectural education appears as a powerful tool to reshape the territory in the United States and the world, as part of an ongoing process of Modern postwar globalization.

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Martínez, P. G. (2013). Ludwig Hilberseimer at the Illinois Institute of Technology: Architectural Education, Organic Democracy and Colonization. Docomomo Journal, (49), 34–39.




Author Biography

Plácido González Martínez, University of Seville

Ph.D. Architect, Assistant Professor at the University of Seville, Spain. Drafter of the 20th Century Heritage Plan for the Spanish Institute of Cultural Heritage. Member of the Registers Committee at the Iberian docomomo Foundation, he has been a director of the 8th Iberian docomomo Conference in 2013.


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