Ernesto N. Rogers and the CIAM: Teaching for Democracy


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Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


8 September 1943: The day the Italian army surrendered to the Allies is a - perhaps the most - decisive milestone in Ernesto N. Rogers’ life. From that transformative moment on, the young Italian architect built an extensive, in–depth international dialogue that led him to be recognized as a master in other, even quite distant, cultural contexts. It was in this concurrence of public and private life, which was practically a coincidence for him, that the career he had established as a partner in the BBPR and as a leading figure in the second generation of Italian rationalists would open to far broader horizons, enriched by his exile in Switzerland, where he, a Jew, fled just a few days after that terrible date.

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Maffioletti, S. (2013). Ernesto N. Rogers and the CIAM: Teaching for Democracy. Docomomo Journal, (49), 28–33.




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Serena Maffioletti, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Architect from the Politecnico di Milano, PhD in Architectural and Urban Design and Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Composition. She is the President of the Commission of the Faculty of Architecture, Member of the Board of the Iuav Department Research, Head of the Design and Construction Research, and Head of Infrastructures for mobility Research. Responsible of the LLP Erasmus Iuav program with the Faculty of Architecture of the EPFL (Lausanne) and the Academy of Architecture (Mendrisio).