Introducing Modern Gallery Housing in Maputo: Design Experimentations, 1950-1968





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Modern architecture has recently been the subject of a more systematic analysis in the formerly Portuguese African territory. These studies aim at understanding the specific circumstances from which Modern Portuguese architecture first arose. Following the international debate on housing during the 20th century, Mozambique has been the arena of a new and experimental approach to collective housing in accordance with the guidelines set out by Le Corbusier. A singular social, economic and cultural territory, it adopted a tropical variant of the gallery typology, briefly introduced in this paper by means of select case studies built in Maputo between 1950 and 1968.

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Gomes, S. (2013). Introducing Modern Gallery Housing in Maputo: Design Experimentations, 1950-1968. Docomomo Journal, (48), 46–55.




Author Biography

Susana Gomes, University of Porto

Architect (FAUP, 2001), has co–worked in several private architecture offices since 2000 as a senior architect. Currently, she is developing the PhD Thesis at FAUP, under the theme “Paths to Modern housing in Mozambique”.


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