Polana High School. A Modern Building Recovering Case Study in Mozambique






Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Polana High School in Maputo, designed by José João Tinoco and José Forjaz around 1970, is a plain functional building both as regards to the spatial organization of its composing pavilions and as to its construction that is mostly made of exposed reinforced concrete structures and elements. After decades of heavy duty use and an almost absolute lack of maintenance, it recently went through some urgent repair operations. In this sense, it exemplifies what could be today effective conditions regarding economic possibilities and cultural problems to recover Modern heritage in Africa.

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Riso, V. (2013). Polana High School. A Modern Building Recovering Case Study in Mozambique. Docomomo Journal, (48), 40–45. https://doi.org/10.52200/48.A.TAK7I27H




Author Biography

Vincenzo Riso, University of Minho

Trained as an architect at the Department of Architectural Design of the University of Florence (I), where in 2006 he also obtained his Ph.D. in architecture. He received the Bruno Zevi Prize for a critical essay about Modern architecture in 2008 and has been the Dean of the School of Architecture of Minho University (P) since 2012.