A Resisting Modern Monument: Huambo Veterinary Academic Hospital


  • Margarida Quintã





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The Huambo (former Nova Lisboa) Veterinary Academic Hospital, designed by Vasco Vieira da Costa in 1970, was never completed. With the independence of Angola in 1975, a civil war started and lasted 27 years, with its main battlefield in the country’s central region, where the opposition party was settled. The building has served as a military headquarters since the 80’s, becoming extremely damaged in the last three decades. Peace was restored in 2002 but 30 soldiers are still nowadays living in the ruins to defend the building from vandalism. The University is planning the renovation of the Veterinary Academic Hospital, although unawareness about the building’s heritage significance may result in the irreversible loss of an Angolan Modern monument.

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Quintã, M. (2013). A Resisting Modern Monument: Huambo Veterinary Academic Hospital. Docomomo Journal, (48), 34–39. https://doi.org/10.52200/48.A.7SGHV2ZU




Author Biography

Margarida Quintã

Architect (FAUP, 2007) and Ph.D. candidate (IST–EPFL Joint Doctoral Initiative). She holds a scholarship from the Foundation of Science and Technology in Portugal to develop her research on designing with climate and modern heritage re–using in Angola. She is the author of Architecture and climate. Site geography: Luanda and the work of Vasco Vieira da Costa (2009).


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