Early Modern African Architecture. The House of Wonders Revisited


  • Antoni Folkers





Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


This essay explores the various strands of the advent of Modernity in African architecture. It starts from the assumption that the history of Modernity in African architecture is a complex and rich subject that merits increased scientific attention.

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Folkers, A. (2013). Early Modern African Architecture. The House of Wonders Revisited. Docomomo Journal, (48), 20–29. https://doi.org/10.52200/48.A.FKXY01XV




Author Biography

Antoni Folkers

Architect and urban designer, specialized in African architecture. He studied Art and Art History at John Carroll University in Cleveland, and obtained his Masters in Architecture at Delft University for Technology in 1986. He started his career as researcher and designer in Ouagadougou before joining the Institute for Tropical Building (IFT) of Dr G Lippsmeier in Starnberg, Germany. In 1988, for Lippsmeier, he became Resident Architect for East Africa. He has been a cofounder of various foundations: in 1992 FBW Architects with offices in the UK, the Netherlands, and Uganda; in 2001 ArchiAfrika; and recently, in 2010, he cofounded African Architecture Matters. The main aim of these foundations is the promotion of African architecture and the conservation of it.