From Sentiment to Science — docomomo comes of Age


  • John Allan




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


The following keynote lecture was presented at the 12th International docomomo Conference that took place in Espoo, Finland, in August 2012. The author, an active member of docomomo since its creation, used this opportunity to do what is traditional when someone ‘comes of age’, that is, use it as a milestone to look back at where docomomo came from, and forward to what it might become.

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Allan, J. (2013). From Sentiment to Science — docomomo comes of Age. Docomomo Journal, (48), 4–9.



Author Biography

John Allan

Director of Avanti Architects for nearly 30 years. First Chairman of docomomo—UK 1989–91. Biographer of Berthold Lubetkin, John Allan has led all Avanti’s Modern Movement conservation projects, including the restoration of Lubetkin’s Penguin Pool, Highpoint Flats and Finsbury Health Centre.