The Modern Gesamtkunstwerk and its Preservation


  • Bárbara Coutinho MUDE–Design and Fashion Museum




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


Interior design had a major relevance for Modern Movement and Modern Living. Actually, for the fully understanding and experiencing of Modern spatiality, interior design is determinant. Furthermore, the study of interiors is now marked by an increasing interest, with recent literature that emphasizes interior spaces globally and summons architecture, design and fine arts in an interdisciplinary approach. Despite all this, interior design is still a subject that requests a more in–depth study and a more extended debate in order to improve appreciation, understanding and preservation. Questions like modernity, privacy, efficiency, economy, comfort, utility, beauty in daily life or consumption need to be discussed when talking about interior space design. Product design, new materials and techniques, equipment and devices also have to be considered.

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Coutinho, B. (2012). The Modern Gesamtkunstwerk and its Preservation. Docomomo Journal, (47), 10–11.







Author Biography

Bárbara Coutinho, MUDE–Design and Fashion Museum

Director of MUDE–Design and Fashion Museum, Francisco Capelo’s Collection–since 2006 and member of Francisco Capelo’s Collection Management Board. Invited Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico and collaborator in the Curatorial Studies Master in Lisbon University. Master in Contemporary Art History, at present she is developing a PhD on the phenomenology of the contemporary exhibition space. She has signed essays and articles on contemporary creation, design, architecture and museology and has participated in conferences, juries and seminars. Curator of Centro Cultural Belém, 1998-2006.