The Work of Eugène Freyssinet: The Most Significant Bridges of his Career


  • Pierre Jartoux




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


From 1904, when his career began, until 1962, when he died, Eugène Freyssinet did not stop building or advising on all aspects related with his work. To give an idea of his interest in the field of bridges, we selected the following: the Veurdre and Plougastel bridges as reinforced concrete examples and the Luzancy, the Marne and the Caracas La Guaira highway bridges as prestressed concrete works. In these brief descriptions, rather than the technical nature of the design, we have focused on intuition and innovation which made these works models and which inspired many engineers to continue working respecting quality.

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Jartoux, P. (2011). The Work of Eugène Freyssinet: The Most Significant Bridges of his Career. Docomomo Journal, (45), 30–41.




Author Biography

Pierre Jartoux

Born in 1937, he is a mechanical engineer graduated at the École des Arts et Métiers, civil engineer, graduated from the Centre des Hautes Études de la Construction. His career has been connected to the Freyssinet Group: civil engineering studies office; testing on material prestressing section; material manufacturing factory; and research department on new materials (prestressing anchors and braces). Since his retirement, he became involved in the activities of the Association Freyssinet and currently serves on the Conseil d’Administration.


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