Bridges and Infrastructure


  • Kyo Takenouchi
  • Ola Wedebrunn Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


At present, it is by no means an exaggeration to say that innumerable bridges and infrastructures are able to bring us to the end of the earth, whether these are monuments, scattered in a remote area, recognized or not. situated where mankind intensively has made its effort to extend daily circles of life till the present day. Humans have always been on the move, in primitive ages they went up the hill and down the dale, over and beyond mountains, across streams and wherever obstacles had to be crossed, bridges and roads skilfully came into their hands. Emerging directly on the ground, as fruit of empirical and intuitive knowledge; as comprehensive static and dynamic engineering, state of the art science and creative use of information.

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Takenouchi, K., & Wedebrunn, O. (2011). Bridges and Infrastructure. Docomomo Journal, (45), 4–7.




Author Biographies

Kyo Takenouchi

Born in Tokyo, Urban Environmental Designer(JIDA), Senior Professional Civil Engineer (Infrastructure design/JSCE), from 1971 to 1993 chief designer with partnership at M+M Design Office, mid 1993-94 fellowship researcher at Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts (Inst. Structural Science), 1995 set-up and lead her own Design Studio, and now she is a freelance designer and civil-engineer. She has been involved in a number of bridge aesthetic design projects for a long time, some of those works being granted the JSCE/Tanaka Award (Excellent in Bridge Design Work), also prizes from overseas assoc., and so forth. She is the author of several books such as Aesthetics of Danish Bridges, Kustakademiets Forlag Arkitektskolen Denmark, 1995; co-author of Ped-design for footbridges networking towns, edited by JSCE, Kajima shuppan-kai, 2006; and others.

Ola Wedebrunn, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen

Architect maa, PhD, associate professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, professor II at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and curator for exhibitions on architecture and art, for instance at the Øresund Cultural Bridge and at the climate conference COP 15. His work involves research and development of architecture and he has published several books and articles about Modern Movement architecture, material, technology, climate and culture. He is coordinator of Docomomo Denmark with certain concern for Nordic and Baltic cooperation. He is a member of the Docomomo Specialist Committee on Technology and ICOMOS ISC 20th century.