Architecture in Sudan: The Post–Independence Era (1956-1970). Focus on the Work of Abdel Moneim Mustafa


  • Omer S. Osman Al Azhari University, Sudan
  • Amira O. S. Osman Council for Scientific and Industrial Research image/svg+xml
  • Ibrahim Z. Bahreldin University of Khartoum image/svg+xml




Modern Movement, Modern architecture, Modern housing


This article is part of a study on the Sudanese social and political context during the formation of the Modern Movement and the manifestations in built form and spatial expression during the period 1900-1970. The study has been on–going for several years and includes a literature search, local surveys (of unpublished and undocumented information) as well as photographs taken by the authors, sourced from architects or published material. It is argued that the Sudanese response to the International Style was in fact early experimentation in critical regionalism. The most notable architectural heritage in Sudan are the archaeological remains at Kerma and Napata as well as the remains of ancient Meroe about 180 km north of Khartoum. These cultures demonstrated sophistication in building materials and construction techniques. Due to climate changes, political changes and religious changes over a large stretch of time (642AD with the signing of the Bagt Treaty–1898 at the demise of the Mahdist era) the qualities of the built environment became more transient and rudimentary in character with a greater focus on manifesting tradition through body images, clothing and rituals that were not necessarily tied to a particular physical location rather than through monuments. With foreign interest in the strategic location of the Sudan, and as a part of the scramble for Africa, came specific stylistic and technical manifestations.

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Osman, O. S., Osman, A. O. S., & Bahreldin, I. Z. (2011). Architecture in Sudan: The Post–Independence Era (1956-1970). Focus on the Work of Abdel Moneim Mustafa. Docomomo Journal, (44), 77–80.





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Author Biographies

Omer S. Osman, Al Azhari University, Sudan

Omer S. Osman, Al Azhari University, Sudan + president of the Sudanese Institute for Architects SIA.

Amira O. S. Osman, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Amira O. S. Osman, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR, Pretoria ([email protected]).

Ibrahim Z. Bahreldin, University of Khartoum

Ibrahim Z. Bahreldin, University of Khartoum, Sudan (currently a PHD student in Tokyo, Japan).


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