Call for Abstracts - DOCOMOMO Journal ORIGINS OF MODERNITY – Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt


Call for Abstracts

Special Issue of the DOCOMOMO Journal with working title:

ORIGINS OF MODERNITY – Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt
DOCOMOMO International is happy to announce the Call for Abstractsfor a special issue of the Docomomo Journal dedicated to the research, workand friendship of two extraordinary and important, yet internationally almost unknown, modernist architects from the region of former Yugoslavia, based inSarajevo – Dušan Grabrijan and Juraj Neidhardt.
Dušan Grabrijan was Plečnik’s student in Ljubljana and Juraj Neidhardt was student of Peter Behrens in Vienna and valued collaborator in Le Corbusier’s Parisstudio. Their Sarajevo living experience, dedicated to the study ofBosnian andMacedonian traditional architecture and ways of life, joint with the Plečnik’s school as well as with the school of Peter Behrens and Le Corbusier, resultedin a special attitude towards modernity – marked by concern for human scale,geography and history. Besides internationally renewed invited authors, this is an open call for academics with interest in the subject to collaborate to this very special issue of the Docomomo Journal with papers, essays, documentation issues, interviews, heritage in danger,tributes,conservation issues, technical issues, book reviews, case studies, digitalmodels anddocumentations to the project. Besides the already mentioned influences (Plečnik, Behrens, Le Corbusier), we are specially looking for researchpapers about influences from Auguste Choisy, Alois Riegl and Adolf Loos.
This Docomomo Journal is guest edited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nataša Koselj from DOCOMOMO Slovenia and Dr. Mejrema Zatrić from DOCOMOMO Bosnia and Herzegovina. After double-blind peer review the contributions for thisspecial issue will be selected by the guest editors in cooperation with theeditorial team of the Docomomo Journal. The Docomomo Journal is Open Access and indexed by Scopus and DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journalsamong others ( Please upload 300 words Abstract and 100 words CV to our OJS system the 31st of October 2022. The launch of this special issue of Docomomo. Journal is scheduled for December 2023.

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